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Landlord Buildings Insurance

When renting out your property, it is important to protect the structure itself with Landlords' Buildings Insurance. This cover will help protect you against any damage to your property, permeant fixtures and fittings and outdoor spaces such as driveways and patios.

Contents Insurance

If you're renting out your property, you may need contents insurance to protect any items you leave in the property. From furniture, to appliances, to decorations, you can make sure that these items are protected from any damage or theft, so that they won't be a financial burden if something does go wrong.

Landlord Liability

As a landlord, you are legally responsible for the safety of your tenants. This means that you are exposed to potential legal action if something goes wrong. Landlord Liability Cover helps to protect you against any legal fees, or compensation payments that you may be liable for. This cover will help to ensure that your financial security is protected.

What we'll cover

  • Up to £1 million to rebuild your home
  • Up to £5,000 to cover malicious damage by tenants
  • Up to £2 million landlord liability cover

What isn't covered

  • Damage that naturally and inevitably occurs as a result of normal wear or ageing
  • Storm or flood damage to gates, hedges and fences
  • Incidents that occurred / were caused before the policy started

Why choose us?

  • Guaranteed premiums

    We guarantee your premiums for 30 days.

  • No excess on home emergency

    With 24/7 call outs and access to tradesmen.

  • Comprehensive advice

    We can provide professional advice and support on all of our insurance products..

Defaqto 4* Landlord Insurance

Our products have been independently assessed and researched by Defaqto - the most trusted expert assessment of the products and policies in the market - to show the comprehensiveness of the cover. It is based on facts, not opinions. 

Our Your Let product is rated 4* 

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Boost your cover with our optional add ons

Rent Guarantee & Legal Protection

Provides cover for rental arrears if the tenant was unable to pay either some or all of their monthly rent. It also provides legal cover to take the tenant to court for eviction proceedings.

Home Emergency

Provides cover of up to £500 in the event of an emergency such as burst pipes or total heating system failure. Claims can be reported 24/7 by the tenant or letting agent on your behalf.

More than 1 property?

You could make savings with a portfolio insurance policy, insuring multiple properties under one simple policy. We have a dedicated team that specialise in this.

Having all properties insured under one policy can be effective for many reasons:

Tick  One renewal date and one premium

Tick  Simple to add or remove properties

Tick  The properties are rated collectively, which could mean a cheaper overall premium

Tick  Flexible cover tailored to your requirements

Tick  Include Accidental Damage, Malicious Damage, Public Liability, Rent Guarantee & Legal Protection and Home Emergency.