Money Pots

Grow a book of GI renewal income with First2Protect

Grow a book of GI renewal income with First2Protect


Grow a book of GI renewal income

with First2Protect


Using First2Protect's award-winning service provides financial security for your business, as well as an excellent service for your customers 

Award-winning service for you..

F2p tick20px Dedicated broker support

F2p tick20px A panel of leading underwriters

F2p tick20px High renewal retention of 85%*

F2p tick20px Excellent customer service

F2p tick20px  Automated case updates

* Primis and TMA Club renewal results September 2019 - August 2020

Financial security for your business..

F2p tick20px Guaranteed revenue to protect against business downturn

F2p tick20px Increased income to allow business growth

F2p tick20px Ring fence your existing clients from your competition

F2p tick20px Encourage repeat business by offering a complete service

Excellent service for your customers..

F2p tick20px Friendly helpful advice

F2p tick20px Wide acceptance including non-standard scenarios

F2p tick20px FREE confirmation of cover to solicitor/lender

F2p tick20px No fees for amending a policy

F2p tick20px Automatically offer the cheapest insurer at renewal


Dedicated Broker Support

01392 849856


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Rob Hole

Business Development Manager


Matt voysey

Matt Voysey

Business Development Executive

Referral Service - Simply warm the client and First2Protect will do the rest

Referral Service

Use First2Protect's Referral Service to build a book of renewal commission for you.

F2p tick20px  Advice and compliance on your behalf

F2p tick20px  Expert care for your customers

F2p tick20px  Automated case updates

F2p tick20px  A monthly income of New Business and Renewal payments

F2p tick20px  Broker support

Contact the Business Development team for more information.

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For PRIMIS and TMA Club brokers using the Toolbox system

F2p tick20px  Household and Buy-to-Let products

F2p tick20px  Comprehensive cover

F2p tick20px  Most competitive provider in over 40% of quotes*

* Toolbox panel share December 2019 - July 2020

F2p tick20px  Non-standard cover available via referral

F2p tick20px  Broker support including product webinars

F2p tick20px  A monthly income of New Business and Renewal payments

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