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We insure the obscure...

Our dedicated team are on hand to look for insurance solutions to many unusual scenarios.

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Looking for insurance that's a little unusual?

A growing number of customers now have properties or personal circumstances that can be problematic to insure.

We have a dedicated specialist team dealing with scenarios such as non-standard construction, unoccupied properties, previous subsidence or flooding and high value buildings/contents.

We use a panel of specialist insurers, so if you are struggling to obtain an insurance quote, then we may be able to help provide you with a quotation despite any of the following.

Tick  Unoccupied properties - Properties undergoing renovation, awaiting sale, or in probate.

Tick  Previous subsidence or flooding - Whether directly affected or in an area susceptible to such, we will do our utmost to obtain the best level of cover we can.

Tick  Adverse financial or claims history - Bankruptcy, CCJs or similar. A high number of claims or even a claim that is still open are all considered.

Tick  Criminal convictions - All convictions are considered under our “Fairplay” scheme, even if the conviction is not considered spent by the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974.

Tick  Non-standard construction - Anything from timber or steel frame properties, flat and/or eco roofs, pre-fabricated homes, listed buildings, cob wall, thatched roof among others.

Tick  Lodgers or paying guests - Any such person paying to reside in your property with or without a formal agreement in place.

Tick  High value buildings and/or contents - If you require buildings cover of more than £1 million or contents cover of more than £100,000 then you would benefit from having a specialist policy to meet your needs.

Tick  Non-standard landlord risks - Houses of Multiple Occupancy, tenancy agreements direct with a council or housing association, asylum seeker lets, blocks of flats among others.

If you are struggling to obtain home insurance for your non-standard situation then we may be able to help. If your scenario isn’t one of these then don’t worry - there are many more scenarios we can offer quotations on.

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